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Pinhole Camera's Journal

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1st July 2012

w_a_r_u_m4:23pm: . 


14th October 2011


22nd September 2011

bryakilev2:35pm: 19092011

4th June 2011


Pinhole 60X90

2nd June 2011


25th May 2011



2nd January 2010

bryakilev2:59am: “PEACE LOVE PINHOLE”

WSPBiennale represents the international photographic project “PEACE LOVE PINHOLE” This project includes the series of the exhibitions and the publication of pinhole photos catalogue. The first exhibition will be opened on 8th march in the garage, which size of 200 square metres. The final exhibition, presentation of the catalogue and opening on-line galleries on the official web-site WSPBiennale, where the works would be represented on, chosen by the juries, will pass in October - in a museum of Vrubel (Omsk)

For participation you need to print 3 photos made by any pinhole camera. Images can be any format (a parity of the parties). They should be printed on the mat photographic paper in the size 10х15 centimetres. You may print in a photolaboratory, on a printer and with a photographic enlarger. On the other side of each picture you should point: the name and surname, the country and city of the author

It is necessary to send the works , packed into the envelope, by mail from 1st of January till 21st of June, 2010: WSPBiennale PO Box 8585 Omsk 644008 Russian Federation. After sending it is necessary to send on the e-mail: wspbiennale@gmail.com the letter with theme "PEACE LOVE PINHOLE": having filled out your name, a surname, the country and a city. After reception of the letter with works - you'll receive the acknowledgement. All the sent pictures remain in collection WSPBiennale and can participate in various projects

The most interesting works, according to "supervisory board" - will be awarded by prizes. The constantly replenishing list of prizes:

Igor Bryakilev will kindly give the pinhole camera of own manufacturing

DAMIRECORDS from Damir Muratov

EBREGGAE 5 made in Jamaica vinil single

FLAMMABLEBEATS 5 made in Jamaica vinil single

From WSPBiennale
- 10 copper plates for manufacturing of holes with own hand cut out by the designer of the space rockets

A sand-glass supermegaelectronic watch (Japan) for accuracy of measurement of an exposition

7th December 2009

petre11:10am: solriv1 (by metalkpirate1day)
week long pinhole exposure on rivera street, san francisco

5th December 2009

singlman10:38pm: августовский архив

Урожай. Яблоки

Canon EOS 400D, пинхол, в ФШ почистил

8th November 2009

kolomyjka5:34pm: Solargraphy
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Exposure time: 22.08 - 21.09.2009

27th July 2009

dissentia4:23pm: Another Solargraphy Test,
This one was a can style camera.

Camera location - 200 South Broad Street, Phila PA
Affixed to a 10th floor balcony facing south east
Exposure start date: 6-30-2009 8am
Exposure finish date: 7-21-2009 8am

I think that the Pinhole was a tad too large on this camera resulting in slight fogging of the paper,
and that the slight upward tilt of the camera encouraged moisture to creep inside causing the formation of mold on the paper.

An interesting test.....

29th June 2009


24th May 2009

mutabor_doc12:52pm: noname

28th April 2009

bryakilev1:33pm: 2009_26_04

25th April 2009

I went to the botanical gardens and did some custom white balancing with my Hoya Infrared R72 filter and took that pretty photo. That was one of the first photos I shot and it turned out to be my best. =) I cant wait to get my old camera converted to IR!!!

2nd March 2009


27th January 2009

dissentia12:48pm: Polaroid Pinhole
So I'm shooting pinholes again.
I picked up a polaroid pack pinhole camera for pennies on Ebay.

This is a test using an old pack of 669 that has been sitting half used in my Polaprinter for about 5 years.
Not to shabby for forgotten, expired and somewhat abused film.

City Hall from Broad & Locust, Philadelphia PA - Jan 22 2009 - 3:30ish pm

28th December 2008

bestill12:50pm: Need translation! Gakken Stereo Pinhole Camera Exposure Guide
Need translation! gakken stereo pinhole exposure guide

I want to play with my Gakken Stereo Pinhole camera on my vacation to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Since I don't read Japanese, I need some help with the exposure guide. Does anyone read Japanese? Or has anyone used one of these cameras and have an idea of exposure times? I'm using the pinholes that came with the camera.

22nd October 2008

poonker4:26am: at work.

13th October 2008

marc_o_polo7:52pm: Registred trade mark

11th September 2008

bryakilev7:25pm: Emballage

23rd July 2008


19th May 2008

bryakilev8:53pm: la robe

10th May 2008

bryakilev12:05am: стол
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